TCE Members

TCE Members


Michael photo final

Dr. Michael I. Loizides

Co-chair of the Technical Committee on Environment

Chemical (BSc) and Environmental (DIC, MSc, PhD) Engineer. He is an expert in waste management, air pollution, the circular economy and sustainability, in Cyprus and abroad. He has also worked as academic, researcher and  consultant in the field of environment.



 S. GucelDr. Salih Gücel

Co-chair of the Technical Committee on Environment

Bachelor degree in Biology, Master Degree in Botany and PhD in Plant Ecology. Actively involved in raising public awareness about environmental and cultural issues in Cyprus. Research interests include, plant ecology, reproductive biology and plant and habitat conservation.






 Zorpas Profile Picture 2020Antonis Zorpas

TCE member

Chemical Engineer (BSc, MSc) and Environmental Engineer (PhD). He works as an academic, researcher and consultant. His research background is in the area of Strategic Panning Development in the Framework of Waste Management, Bioeconomy, biosolids treatment and management, advanced chemical oxidation, optimization of wastewater treatment plant for the production of energy, hazardous waste treatment, waste minimization monitoring and evaluation, zero waste approach,waste prevention activities, social behavior, city metabolism and circular economy, household and solid waste management, Life Cycle Analysis and Environmental Risk analysis


E. Yurtdas

 Asliye Erna Yurtdaş

TCE member

Asliye Erna Yurtdaş is a BSc in Psychology and MSc in Clinical Psychology. Actively involved in raising awareness about environmental issues and promote sustainable behaviour.  She also works with individuals to select and maintain a sustainable routine and reduce the mental health impact of climate change.





 TCE member

 Architect, B-Arch, 1976. Along with many professional work he’s accomplished, he has also carried out several executive roles in universities. He has studied three years on renewable energy and is an expert on Green-Zero Energy buildings. Actively involved in raising public awareness about environmental issues, he took part in many bi-communal initiatives throughout the years.





Gaston Neokleous

Gaston K Neocleous

TCE member

Born in Nicosia in 1953. Economist with a Master’s degree, concentrated in European studies, rural development and town planning. Activist on social, cultural, environmental, reunification and rapprochement issues.






Hasibe Kusetoğulları

TCE member

Hasibe Kusetoğlu is a civil engineer. She has worked for turtle protection. She was working for EU coordination office as an expert.



Irene Constantinou Irene Constantinou

TCE member

Born in Nicosia, an Environmental Scientist with a Bachelor and Master’s degree in Environment and Health. Interested in local and global environmental threats, and public participation / access to justice regarding the environment issues.





Nicholas Paris

TCE member

BSc in Civil Engineering, MBA MSc and Phd in Risk, Crisis and Disaster Management with 35 years of experience in Risk Assessment and communication, Damage assessment, Emergency housing and Restoration management. He has worked several projects in the fields of quantitative and qualitative risk and capability assessments, planning for coping with disasters and design of emergency housing establishments.





 O.OzdenDr. Özge ÖZDEN

 TCE member

Bachelor degree in Agriculture Engineering, Master Degree in Entomology and PhD in Biological Sciences. Expert on insect identification, agricultural and natural ecosystems. Research interests include; ecology, habitat classification, biodiversity and nature conservation.






Serkan İlseven

Dr. Serkan İlseven

 TCE member

Dr. Serkan İlseven was born in Paphos in1966. İlseven received education in the field of geography, and he has master’s degree in Physical Geography and a PhD in the Education and Management of the Vegetation Geography of Cyprus. He has been working on physical geography, migration and vegetation geography education and has published a lot of books and international articles. He is also a professional painter.




Tulen Saner

Dr. Tülen Saner


Dr. Tülen Saner, was born in Nicosia. She has an BSc, MSc and PhD in business Administration and Tourism management. She has numerous international published articles and proceedings and has been reviewing for various international journals.