Field visit to the Former CMC, Lefke/Lefka Mine

Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, Technical Committee on Environment (TCE) has planned 12 bi-communal field visits on 6 different thematic areas. As a result of pandemic and the risky health measures the first visit under ``Mining and Quarrying`` thematic area was decided to be replaced with a webinar. As a result, BTCE has decided to carry out 2 separate field visits.

The first field visit to former CMC was made on the 3rd of September 2020 to collect supportive visuals and information for the first TCE upcoming webinar.

3 main areas were identified and observed. The initial area was the tailing ponds where the wastes from separating minerals are stored. Second location was a former surface mining area where solid wastes were easily noticeable in the middle section of the well formed during the mining. The final location was an underground mining area where the Lefke/Lefka dam is built on.


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