Report on sustainable rehabilitation of Mines and Quarries


Founded by: UNDP and USAID

Carried out by: Laona Foundation


Cyprus has about 40 abandoned mines and over 300 abandoned and functioning quarries. Most of the abandoned sites have not yet been rehabilitated leading to a variety of problems, such as land degradation, water runoff and the inevitable usage of the sites as unregulated dumping areas.

During 2008-09 an inter-communal project on the rehabilitation of abandoned mines and quarries was conducted. The project 'Sustainable use of abandoned Mines and Quarries in Cyprus', was initiated by the Laona Foundation. Specialists from both the Greek and Turkish Cypriot sides/communities participated in a Think Tank, aiming to identify and address common environmental problems concerning abandoned mines and quarries throughout the island and their impact on land degradation, water contamination and waste creation. Both Greek Cypriot and Turkish Cypriot professional bodies and NGOs were involved and produced a series of recommendations that are still valid and quoted today.

The list of participants in the Think Tank along with the results of this effort, were resumed in a 3-language report that you can download here.

You can get in touch with the experts through our website. Join us!

Download PDF here.

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