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Island Wide Approach to Recycling in Cyprus

Title: Island Wide Approach to Recycling in Cyprus. A draft final report

Duration: 2005-2011

Carried out by:  P.Nicolaides and Associates Ltd

As part of its six-year Programme (2005-2011) aiming to help Greek and Turkish Cypriots to deepen the bonds of cooperation and trust, UNDP has initiated the study "Island-wide approach to recycling in Cyprus". During these years, there have been many calls to promote inter-communal cooperation around the issue of recycling.

This project was designed to examine the options available, in particular in Nicosia, and intended to research the existing fate of waste streams in both sides/communities, with a particular focus on household appliances, electronics equipment, plastics, metal, glass and paper. Following this analysis, a comparison of the existing situation with EU requirements was undertaken, leading to concrete recommendations for inter-communal opportunities for recycling.

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