Wastewater Treatment


Haspolat /Mia Milia wastewater treatment plant field visit

Led by the co-chairs, Mustafa Alkaravli and Michael Loizides, the members of the Technical Committee on Environment (TCE) were joined by Greek and Turkish Cypriot technical experts to visit Haspolat /Mia Milia wastewater treatment plant and discuss the issue of wastewater management. The representatives of both the Greek and the Turkish Cypriot municipalities, Konstantinos Giorkatzis and Mehmet Harmanci, were also present in this field visit and expressed their support towards this effort.

The TCE co-chair, Michalis Loizides, indicated that this was the first attempt to bring together Greek and Turkish Cypriot experts from both sides/communities in order to work together to find solutions to this problem that concerns the entire island. In this way, experts will have the opportunity to see and exchange ideas on how to work together on this issue. Furthermore, the TCE co-chair, Mustafa Alkaravli, stated that the first phase of the scientific exchange program will include 12 inter-communal visits, with the next one scheduled at the wastewater treatment plant in Paralimni.

Konstantinos Giorkatzis, sent a "positive message of cooperation in the very important and sensitive issues of the environment, which are related to the quality of life of both sides/communities." He also indicated that Nicosia can set an example of the realization of the common vision for a Cyprus of cooperation and peaceful coexistence. In agreement to this statement, Mr. Harmanci, highlighted that the cooperation in Mia Milia/Haspolat wastewater treatment is vital for both sides/communities.


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