European Researchers' Night online event

Working Together for the Future

The co-chairs of the Technical Committee on Environment (TCE) would like to thank for the opportunity given to participated at this year's European Researchers' Night online event as Keynote Speakers.

Aim of this webinar was to explore the research efforts of the two sides/communities, reflect on the impact of researchers' work on people's daily lives and to inspire the interest of young people in science and research careers.

Research remains one of the most important ways/tools of the Technical Committee on Environment, used to boost cooperation island wide in order to understand and address challenges for both manmade and ecological environment. From understanding the ecological cycles of natural habitats to optimizing the production of biogas obtained from kitchen waste, the research tool can build bridges and provide the platform for fruitful cooperation among the Greek and Turkish Cypriot scientists.

For those who could not attend the webinar, you now have the opportunity to watch it again through our website.


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